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• Abstract

Usage of a special nutrition formulas for detox & repair of degenerated cells, resultingin healing, recovery &restoring its function.
Based on the scientific fact thatdamaged living cell regenerates itself only when the nucleusis still intact.

• Products composition

Essential vital biological active micro nutrients which representmany products in a daily dose.

• Mode of action

Modulation of biological activitiesof the cell & its organelles through RNA to resume its structure and function.


I. Cell detox ( By using antitoxins,antioxidants& immune modulators).
II. Cell repair & regeneration (By using metabolic modulator and biotonic which suppliesthe cell with its requirements).
III. Cell recovery & back to vital performance(By usingananti-stress, an anti-inflammatory & an energeticsupplies).

• Clinical Study Presentation

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